Shady Mahmoud - Business Development Director for DSC Branches - Board Member & Co-Founder

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Mr. Shady is a seasoned business development professional with a robust 20-year track record in the construction market. He excels in management with meticulous attention to detail and the ability to handle multiple projects concurrently. Committed to fulfilling the company’s mission, he skillfully plans and manages projects to achieve organizational goals. Known for his strategic insight and superior leadership, Mr. Shady fosters a collaborative, team-oriented environment that drives effective project execution and business success. Academically, he holds a Master’s in Business Administration (2016), postgraduate studies in Engineering from Cairo University (2002), and a B.Sc. in Architecture from Helwan University (2000). In his career, he has demonstrated strategic prowess and client engagement, significantly increasing new client acquisition and maintaining strong client relationships. As Business Development Director since 2006, he has led initiatives that expanded the firm’s client base and market reach, while as Business Development Manager (2000-2004), he directed activities that enhanced brand visibility and secured high-profile projects, contributing to the firm’s reputation for excellence and innovation.

Academic Background

holds a Master’s in Business Administration, obtained in 2016, which has enhanced his managerial and strategic decision-making skills. Prior to this, he pursued postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt, in 2002, where he deepened his technical expertise. His academic journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Egypt, completed in 2000, which laid the foundational knowledge in architectural design and principles.