Allora Compound

A Mixed Use Development is developed over an area of 205,000 square meters; Cleopatra Resort that shall consist of
Residential Units, Mall, Hotel, School and Medical Center as well as Petrol Station. The Project has an over all total built-up area around 126,000 square meters. The project design has been inspired by the city of Tuscany. The theme is not only an architectural style but also an Italian like environment with its distinctive trees and warm countryside atmosphere.

Bleu Vert Compound

SECON owns a land located in Administrative Capital, Egypt with approximately land area of 249,000 sq.m. The compound shall consists of Residential Buildings and Commercial/Administrative Buildings. The project will consist of about 2,800 apartment with five (5) fully finished different type.

Cornish Residence

In the charming city of Jeddah, and on Al Cornish Road, the Residence is located to be with direct views of the sea. The area of the land on which the project is about 2,500 square meters. The project consists of 1 floors underground for car parking and 3 floors for reception, salons and facilities and 9 typical floors for the residences.

IL Mondo Mixed-Use Development

RFCO has acquired a new land in the New Administrative Capital in Egypt with a land area around 23 Feddan (96,600 square meters). The project shall consist of 7 Residential Buildings Prototypes, Commercial Building and Clubhouse. Distance Studio Consultants has reviewed and amended the existing Master Plan done by the Client and acquired the Ministerial Decree for the project. DSC’s scope of services included as well developing the Architecture, Structure, MEP, Infrastructure, Landscape and Interior Design for the whole compound including the Residential component, the Commercial and Club house.

CFC Residential Apartments (E) Competition

DSC has won First Place in Al-Futtaim for Commercial and Administration Centers Competition for Residential Apartment Buildings (E) in Cairo Festival City, New Cairo, Egypt. Residential Building E shall lie in 4 Plots; 13a01, 130a02, 13a03 and 13a04 over a total plot area of 56,359 square meters and a total built-up area of 71,013 square meters. The Building shall consist of Ground and Six Floors.

Pyramid Hills Phase 3

Gocom Investments are extending their high end Residential Compound, Pyramid Hills, Phase 3 over a land area around
10,000 square meters. Distance Studio has designed the Master Plan and Landscape for the land; Architecture and Structure for Twin and Town houses.

Al Raha Residence

The building’s site area is 4,672 square meters and it is a multi-serving project in attention to that it’s not only residential but also commercial and recreational venture. The residential building consists of two basement floors, one ground floor, and seven floors; it provides three apartment prototypes, one bedroom units; two bedrooms; and three bedroom units. The total built-up area is 23,363 square meters, whereas, the gross floor area and footprint are 12,000 square meters and 2,350 square meters respectively.

Distance Studio Consultants’ project “Al Raha Residential Building” received the 2nd Place in Global Architecture & Design Awards out of 748 Registrations for 2018.

Minc Apartments

This modern Arabic Arab-styled office building is located in a prime location in Dubai Health Care City. It is equipped with smart systems and consists of three Basements for parking, a ground Floor, 7 typical floors, and health Club. The building’s side street orientation provides physical and visual access to pedestrian activity on both the major and minor pedestrian corridors.

Royal Residence in Korba

Royal Residence Al Korba (RRK) is designed in the very same charming European Islamic Architecture that distinguishes the Korba Neighborhood, but with many modern twists and tweaks. The residential accommodation in the scheme contains a variety of 3 and 4 bed units, each with its own private amenity space. The building expresses a different character in height and massing with either inset or projecting balconies.