QIIB Headquarter Competition

Qatar Islamic International Bank wanted to develop a new innovative headquarter showing the Bank’s identity over a land area around 6,300 square meters. DSC team has revolved the project design around the bank’s name. The team developed their concept based on Cube Shape since it is considered as an icon for Muslims as well the bank colors reflected the Bank Logo colors as well as State of Qatar Flag colors. The atrium was inspired by the Economic Growth Rate.

Kudai Building

This is another proposal for SARED’s new headquarter in Mekkah. The building is with a total estimated of 12 floors on land area approximately 2,000 square meters, the building includes; Basement, Ground Floor, Mezzanine, 3 Administrative Floors and 9 Typical Floors for Investment.

Retail & Business Center

Retail and Business Center project is located in Dammam Second Industrial City, KSA and located at the City gates which grabs a lot of attraction from the City’s tenants. The project has two floors; the Ground serves as Commercial and the First Floor serves as Office Area.