Avalon Office Building

Distance Studio Consultants has been awarded a new “Core and Shell” office building in the New Administrative Capital in Egypt over a plot area around 5,900 square meters. The building has a total built-up area around 19,400 square meters.

La fontain Office Building

ARCO are developing a new Commercial Zone, La Fontain, over a land area around 6,700 square meters with Basement, Ground, First, Second and Roof Floors and total built-up areas around 13,500 square meters. La Fontaine Strip Mall is envisioned as a gateway into the residential compound. It aims to blur the boundary between the highly public busy street, and the more private, calm residential area. This project imagines two alternative solutions to this gateway. The first alternative satisfied all the client programmatic and spatial distribution requirements. It utilizes a solid and void design approach that manipulates both geometric composition and the design of openings. The second alternative goes a step further into rethinking the spatial distribution of programmatic elements. It divides the strip mall into vertically connected zones, each with its own separate function. In order to maintain aesthetic harmony of the design, a dominant shade is added to the project’s roof, thus creating an interesting language of shade and shadow. The shading language is taken a step further into designing louvers that maintain environmental efficiency of the building.

Solas Office Building

Each of SOLAS’s two buildings includes a ground floor, 7 upper floors, and two basement floors dedicated to parking spots for business executive. The rooftop is home to a relaxing terrace that’s perfect for coffee breaks, informal meetings, and small networking events. Powered with solar energy, the building also includes electric generators and a water reserve tank for emergencies. Find the perfect office for your business and unlock opportunities for the future.

SOLAS workplaces are more than a desk and a chair in an enclosed room; it’s a place where the Client and his employees spend most of their day and are expected to be profusely productive. We believe that the Client’s personal workplace plays a most crucial role in his success. That’s why we deliver workplaces that are inspired by a lifestyle and designed around the client, his needs, his dreams, and his aspirations.

At SOLAS, we created an entirely new workplace concept that revolves around the spirit of light. We created vibrant spaces and bright offices that infuse light to inspire life, offering an aesthetic balance between the business needs and wellness essentials. The Client and his employee’s well-being is catered for in every sense. We made sure that the sun shines directly into every workplace, public space, and meditation space. With the right balance of natural light and warmth, we created soothing moods that heal the soul and boost your energy and productivity levels.

SOLAS incorporates the highest safety and security standards and is monitored round-the-clock by CCTV. Fitted with a smart Building Management System, the entire building includes smoke detectors, ventilators, alarms, and fire-fighting systems that are monitored and controlled remotely. A renowned security firm has also been commissioned to provide on-premise security personnel and added safety measures.

Emerald Office Building

The building consists of 3 Basements, Ground Floor and 5 Repetitive Floors with a total built up area around 21,000 square meters. The project shall be delivered over 18 months with finishing the Skeleton in the first 12 months. Distance Studio Consultants’ scope of services include Designing the Elevations and Construction Supervision Consultancy Services.

Al Khobar Business Park

The project is located in the intersection of the King Saud Road from the west (138 m) and Pricne Salman Road from the North (118m), in one of the most luxurious district in Al Khobar City. The project is a mixed-use development that consist of Offices, Business Hotel “Swiss Hotel”, and Commercial Podium for Retail, Cafes and Restaurants. With plot area around 15,590 sqm with a total built up area more than 130,000 sqm.

Dubai Health Care Center Office Building

This modern Arabic Arab-styled office building is located in a prime location in Dubai Health Care City. It is equipped with smart systems and consists of three Basements for parking, a ground Floor, 7 typical floors, and health Club. The building’s side street orientation provides physical and visual access to pedestrian activity on both the major and minor pedestrian corridors.

Orcale Office Building

Simple yet luxurious, the Smart Village Office Building is a block of curtain walls centered by round panoramic glass elevators. Its flexible interior design makes it possible for each floor to house one or multiple companies. Each half of each floor is fully equipped with emergency exits, while facilities such as meeting room, restrooms, and elevators are conveniently placed in each floor’s center. Oracle has rented the whole building.

Marina 17 Tower

Our design inspired from the encased commercial market Arab with inner plaza covered by Islamic pattern. Marina 17 will offer a number of attractive public areas and serve to complement the project’s prominent setting, as well as the entire neighborhood. Sustainability was an important issue as the building is designed to reduce energy consumption with the goal of qualifying for the highest levels of sustainability certifications.

Western Gulf Tower

Close to the Arabian Gulf and in the center of Doha’s business district, the modern Western Gulf Tower consists of two parking basements and 38 typical floors. The entire structure is finished in curtain walls and jutting slabs that provide texture and a dynamic form.

Airline Administrative Building

Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) intends to construct a new building for “The New SAUDIA Headquarters in Makkah – Saudi Arabia. The objectives of this project is to design a building that reflects the ever-changing dynamics of the airlines industry and create a landmark in the region that is achieved by analyzing key elements of data recorded for workplace design applicable to headcount projections, internal and external communication requirements, storage and equipment needs.
The building is with a total estimated of 12 floors on land area approximately 2,000 square meters, the building includes; Basement, Ground Floor, Mezzanine, 3 Administrative Floors and 9 Typical Floors for Investment.