Smart Village Hotel Competition

Smart Villages Development and Management Company decided to develop a 4 Stars Business Hotel in the Village to serve 500 corporations available in Smart Village. The hotel has a land area around 7,200 square meters with a foot print around 3,806 square meters and total built-up area around 15,200 square meters. The building shall comprise 2 Basement Floors, Ground Floor, 3 Typical Floors and Roof.

Allora Compound

A Mixed Use Development is developed over an area of 205,000 square meters; Cleopatra Resort that shall consist of
Residential Units, Mall, Hotel, School and Medical Center as well as Petrol Station. The Project has an over all total built-up area around 126,000 square meters. The project design has been inspired by the city of Tuscany. The theme is not only an architectural style but also an Italian like environment with its distinctive trees and warm countryside atmosphere.

West Bay North Beach Development

The site holds considerable potential to add significantly to the City experience whilst enhancing and protecting the existing real estate value of West Bay. project’s aim is to Create a distinctive and activated waterfront that that is family orientated providing creates a new destination offering appropriate attractions and facilities for residents and visitors alike, and to Connect West Bay North and the Corniche to the waterfront.

Abu Simbel Resort Competition

The Egyptian Government aims to develop an up to date new mixed use project over 65,300 sq. m. that offers high end accommodation in Abu Simbel Village in Aswan over looking the Nile River. The project consists of 2 main Zones; Zone A to be residential and Zone B to be Commercial. The Residential Zone, it consist of villas, Club House and Furnished Apartments. As for the Commercial Zone, it consists of F&B, Cinemas, Restaurants and Water Park. The Project has a total built up Area of 26,166 sq. m. with a foot print around 11,626 sq. m.

Alhamadaniah Mixed-Use Development

The Client had a land area around 8,000 square meters that he wanted to design two iconic towers in Mekkah, KSA that offer its residence 3 stars and 4 Stars Hotels offering Hotel rooms as well as Services Apartments with a total built-up area around 136,000 square meters.

Shisha Multi Hotels

Al Shesha Multi Hotels Development consists of 11 Hotels to offer 968 Rooms with three different prototypes, which make a good combination between new and old Islamic style to give a unique project that reflect its own identity.

Al Khobar Business Park

The project is located in the intersection of the King Saud Road from the west (138 m) and Pricne Salman Road from the North (118m), in one of the most luxurious district in Al Khobar City. The project is a mixed-use development that consist of Offices, Business Hotel “Swiss Hotel”, and Commercial Podium for Retail, Cafes and Restaurants. With plot area around 15,590 sqm with a total built up area more than 130,000 sqm.

SADD Hotel

Al Sadd Hotel designed for a site in Doha is a unique, contemporary interpretation of a world-class hotel destination. The building provides a unique vision for a technologically advanced hotel that will dazzle visitors while still offering the best in comfort, style and luxury.

The hotel’s design is based on a linear composition of three Masses, the 8-story hotel offering unique views to all rooms. A main feature of the hotel design is a canopy veil that frames the buildings, extending off the towers by 1 meter on each side. The veil acts as a overall floodlight for the buildings, creating another dimension, which adds to the depth of space to the hotel. The north and south canopy facades have light options to punctuate the glass at regular intervals, highlighting the canopy’s structural elements.

MAAD Mixed-Use Development

The Project Site is Located Makkah Al Mokarama, Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia in a Land Size of 48,260 square meters. The proposed mixed-use towers included in the design project is envisioned as a unique and state of the art landmark with a total built-up area of 800,000m sqm and 11,400 hotel rooms.

The designed complex three & four and five – stars luxurious hotels have 24towers and all amenities of three & four and five – stars hotel such as restaurants, health club, gym, multi-purpose halls retail arcade and administration office.

This project has also between three to four levels of underground parking for vehicles and other services with landscaped roof with vehicular and pedestrian connection to the tower building.