Iconic Mosques Competition

EMAAR has invited various Architects/Design Firms to compete at a Community Mosque Design Competition for their developments; Marassi, Uptown and MIVIDA. Marassi’s Mosque was requested to be Modern/contemporary theme over a land area of 3,500 square meters and footprint around 1,500 square meters. The Mosque shall be suitable for 1,000 prayers. As for the Uptown Mosque, it was requested to use traditional Mamloiquen elements and mix it with Uptown design theme. The Mosque had a plot area around 4,430 square meters and footprint area around 1,000 square meters and shall occupy 1,200 prayer. The Mivida Mosque shall reflect the surrounding scheme as it shall not be exclusive for Mivida residences. It has a land area around 6,140 square meters and footprint area around 1,350 square meters. The Mosque shall occupy 1,000 prayers.

Jenan Mosque

Jenan for Real Estate Development were seeking a highly creative and qualified architect to design a prototype of the Mosque which will be constructed in different places in Al-Khobar City. Distance Studio has won the competition of the Mosque by providing an iconic design for the Mosque while preserving the Mosque functionality of the sequential activities carefully. The building has a footprint around 150 square meters excluding the ablution and toilet areas.

Saudia Club

SARED wanted to develop a Convention Center for its employees to host the company’s events. The project is built with a total built-up area of 5,000 square meters over Ground and Mezzanine Floor.

Melia Wedding Hall

A new wedding hall with a high-end retail shops was designed to the existing Melia Hotel in Qatar over a plot area around 1,200 square meters. The wedding hall was designed to be a perfect setting for a wedding, corporate retreat or private event.