Al Derayia Development

Distance Studio has developed the Master Planning for a land area around 3,200,000 square meters to be a mixed-use development that consists of Multi-families Residential Area, Single Family Residential Areas, Mixed-Use District, Administration, Recreational and Community Services and Facilities.

Otair Jeddah Tower

An Iconic Office Tower designed for Al Otair Group over a land area around 7,660 square meters with a total built-up area around 138,000 square meters. The Tower consists of Ground Floor, Mezzanine for retail shops and 30 Floors.

Cornish Residence

In the charming city of Jeddah, and on Al Cornish Road, the Residence is located to be with direct views of the sea. The area of the land on which the project is about 2,500 square meters. The project consists of 1 floors underground for car parking and 3 floors for reception, salons and facilities and 9 typical floors for the residences.

K-7 Mixed-Use Tower

The project is a mixed-use building and located in Jeddah at Kilo 7. The site falls in Al Jamiah district in a strategic location within a close proximity to King Abdull Aziz University and along Abdullah Suleiman Road, which is a main road comprising a mix of commercial retail residential buildings. The project consists of two towers; one consists of residential apartments and the other furnished apartments based on commercial podium.

Jenan Mosque

Jenan for Real Estate Development were seeking a highly creative and qualified architect to design a prototype of the Mosque which will be constructed in different places in Al-Khobar City. Distance Studio has won the competition of the Mosque by providing an iconic design for the Mosque while preserving the Mosque functionality of the sequential activities carefully. The building has a footprint around 150 square meters excluding the ablution and toilet areas.

Alhamadaniah Mixed-Use Development

The Client had a land area around 8,000 square meters that he wanted to design two iconic towers in Mekkah, KSA that offer its residence 3 stars and 4 Stars Hotels offering Hotel rooms as well as Services Apartments with a total built-up area around 136,000 square meters.

Shisha Multi Hotels

Al Shesha Multi Hotels Development consists of 11 Hotels to offer 968 Rooms with three different prototypes, which make a good combination between new and old Islamic style to give a unique project that reflect its own identity.

Al Khobar Business Park

The project is located in the intersection of the King Saud Road from the west (138 m) and Pricne Salman Road from the North (118m), in one of the most luxurious district in Al Khobar City. The project is a mixed-use development that consist of Offices, Business Hotel “Swiss Hotel”, and Commercial Podium for Retail, Cafes and Restaurants. With plot area around 15,590 sqm with a total built up area more than 130,000 sqm.

Al Riyadh Division

Al Ayuni Group has a mixed-use development with a land area around 2,000,000 square meters in Riyadh and they want to develop a Commercial and Recreational Area to serve the development. Over 3.5 Kilometers length around a part of the mixed-use development, Al Ayuni Group has specialized this part for the Commercial Area to consist of Restaurants, Retail Shops, Kids Areas, Services and Outdoor Walking Areas.

Saudia Club

SARED wanted to develop a Convention Center for its employees to host the company’s events. The project is built with a total built-up area of 5,000 square meters over Ground and Mezzanine Floor.