Architectural design

DSC designs spaces and ambiences to best meet clients' functional and aesthetic needs. It carefully integrates finished spaces with their structural support systems, coordinating between the relevant engineering disciplines and providing comprehensive plans for construction from start to end.

Planning and urban design
Through the balanced integration of road networks, green spaces, commercial centers, and living quarters, DSC creates community spaces that make work, recreation, and daily life both convenient and pleasurable.

Interior architecture and design
DSC designs the interior dynamics of built spaces to be welcoming, comfortable environments. Through the use of shadow and light, color and texture, green foliage, and furnishings and finishings, DSC shapes interior spaces into places you want to be in.

MEP engineering
DSC's mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineers design and oversee the coordination of the plumbing, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and electrical power systems of each structure, complex, or community to ensure utmost reliability and efficiency.

Structural engineering
DSC's team of structural engineers analyze projects' physical requirements and constraints to design optimal support systems that ensure safety and serviceability. DSC's iconic towers often play on the aesthetic showcasing of structural innovation.

From the softscape of aesthetic and shading foliage to the hardscape of pathways, signage, benches, and waterworks, DSC designs outdoor spaces that complement its built structures and provide environments in which to breathe and play.

Infrastructure design
To enable, sustain, and enhance planned communities, DSC provides a full range of infrastructure services including road networks, electrical girds, water and sewage networks, gas lines, and telecommunications routing. This infrastructure is seamlessly integrated with residential, commercial, recreational, and public spaces to optimize their functionality and convenience.

Sustainability design
DSC’s environmentally conscious designs harness natural light and shadow, incorporate green spaces, and utilize smart systems to create spaces that are ecologically responsible, comfortable, and visually balanced with their surrounds. DSC’s Green Associate staff members ensure that projects meet international environmental standards, including LEED qualification.

Graphic design
DSC's graphic designers use the latest software to produce animated, perspective-driven visualizations of architectural, structural, landscape, and interior designs. These presentation materials allow clients to inspect products before they are created, and help to guide consultants and constructors throughout the design and building processes.

Construction services and supervision
In its cloak as a building contractor, DSC oversees all schedules and details of project implementation, providing logistical and technical assistance on-site. DSC selects the optimal construction materials to meet clients' quality, environmental, and budgetary concerns.

Project management and value engineering
As project managers, DSC oversees coordination between consultants and contractors to ensure the highest possible levels of product quality and time and cost efficiency. DSC carefully evaluates projects to achieve optimal quality control and assurance.