DSC designs self-sufficient academic communities complete with colleges, student housing, and teaching hospitals that are also conveniently linked to larger complexes with commercial, recreational, and residential components. Sensitive to cultural requirements, DSC has designed both co-educational and sex-segregated academic compounds.

With the belief that cultural spaces should be showcased yet accessible, and representative yet cutting-edge, DSC designs cultural venues that are a pleasure to use. Standing alone as architectural icons, DSC’s cultural spaces welcome the public to meet, to explore, and to engage.

Whether a student hospital conveniently located on campus or healthcare offices housed alongside a commercial arcade and gym, DSC designs healthcare complexes that are seamlessly integrated with other everyday services. DSC designs crisply clean, comfortable and convenient spaces that feel the very embodiment of good health.

Whether included within a high-rise, part of a planned community, stand-alone urban housing, or a holiday resort, DSC’s hospitality environments meet guests’ various needs for comfort, convenience, and recreation. With experience catering to pilgrims, businessmen, and family vacationers, DSC serves the hospitality market with customized, personable, high-quality spaces.

DSC designs complexes, compounds, and communities that meet the modern lifestyle priority of convenience. The careful blend of business, commercial, residential, recreational, and civic spaces in DSC’s mixed-use environments ensures that an array of everyday needs and desires can be met with comfort and ease

Modern, eye-catching, and bespeaking refined professionalism, DSC’s offices serve the many spatial functions of successful enterprises. From the design of iconic towers to the details of executive suites, DSC creates environments that enable companies to perform their best.

Planning and urban design
From mixed-use residential neighborhoods and full-service holiday resorts, to business districts, university campuses and rural getaways, DSC prides itself in the A-Z planning and design of communities that are harmonious in their every detail.

DSC designs public spaces such as embassies and diplomatic quarters to reflect officialdom and iconic national culture while conveniently serving the needs of a diverse local population.

Houses of worship, Residential, Retail and entertainment