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  • HR Specialist

    Participates in developing and updating the company job descriptions as well as the Organization \ departmental structures in cooperation with the OD section head and line Managers.

    • Participates in developing and updating ZSG competency model and linking the model to the Selection, performance appraisal and training systems.
    • Works with the OD section head in executing the performance management system, ensure Identifying the individual training needs.
    • Participates in the HR committee used for evaluating the jobs.
    • Collects information about the market regarding the salary ranges and uses the data in creating the grading system and salary structure.
    • Records all changes in the HR scorecards and ensure keeping the system updated.
    • Participates in the opinion surveys and rap sessions, make the analysis, provides and Implements recommendations.
    • Participate in the preparation of the HR monthly report regarding issues as internal mobility, Professional & social activities and grievances.
    • Conduct the needed visits to departments' to ensure commitment for the OD systems and give the needed advice for improvement.
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